Materna Integrated Passenger Services (IPS)

Materna is a 360° service provider delivering a complete range of services for automated passenger handling to airlines and airports: covering everything from kiosk check-in and self-bag-drop hardware through to software implementations as well as service delivery and maintenance. These include CUSS-based applications for kiosk, online or mobile check-in, automated bag drop and solutions for secure access and self-boarding. With over 30 years of experience, Materna helps to minimize costs and at the same time to increase efficiency and safety.


As part of our Integrated Passenger Services our baggage handling solutions provide for quick, easy and secure baggage drop-off. Our excellent technology expertise and experience mean our solutions can easily be integrated into existing systems and infrastructures as additional benefits for our customers.


About us

Materna has been developing and delivering innovative and intuitive solutions for airline passengers for many years and understands how processes can be simplified effectively. Materna offers solutions covering everything from check-in and bag-drop to security and boarding. Our customers include airports, airlines, and ground handling companies, e.g. Air Berlin, easyJet, Emirates and DNATA, Gatwick Airport, Germanwings, Hamburg Airport, Lufthansa, and Vienna Airport. More…


11 January 2016 - Materna Group acquires DSG Bagdrop AS and strengthens leading position in automated passenger handling segment
Leading position in aviation


The Materna Group, leading international supplier of automated passenger handling and ICT solutions, has acquired DSG Bagdrop AS, a renowned specialist for self-service bag drop solutions in the airlines and airports segment, effective January 1st 2016. DSG Bagdrop was founded in 2009, is based in Oslo, Norway and was a former subsidiary of the Norwegian Bertel.O.Steen Group. With this acquisition the Materna Group and DSG Bagdrop AS join forces and provide a first-class self-bag drop product portfolio that strengthens Materna’s leading international position in the dynamic market segment of automated passenger handling.


Baggage handling automation is booming worldwide and the competition is growing too. Materna’s acquisition of DSG Bagdrop is part of an industry consolidation process that creates a strong market leader able to drive the self-service passenger processing market. Airports and airlines around the globe are currently installing self-service bag drop solutions as they can speed-up passenger check-in times dramatically. The majority of passengers who have used a self-service bag drop kiosk during their travels prefer this system as it can significantly reduce or even completely eradicatecheck-in queues.


“We are truly pleased to welcome DSG Bagdrop as a part of the Materna Group,” says Helmut Binder, CEO of Materna Group. “DSG Bagdrop is a leading solution provider in Europe and we are looking forward to extending our success in this aviation market segment by integrating the renowned DSG Bagdrop products.” “The DSG Bagdrop team is a pioneer in this industry segment and has combined excellent technology with a fresh modern design to improve bag drop processes with their in-depth understanding of all parties involved and deep knowledge of the respective baggage flows inside the terminals. They are a center of excellence in this field,” adds Liselotte Neste, Executive Vice President Business Line Mobility and responsible for Materna’s aviation industry segment. Idar Sørgjerd, CEO of DSG Bagdrop believes that the new owners will boost market opportunities: “Materna´s international network of sales and service professionals will get our products out to new markets. They are an international organization with regional offices in Asia and North America. Their supplier relationships with leading international airlines like Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines or easyJet and airports like London Gatwick and Hamburg Airport are also very exciting for DSG Bagdrop.”


DSG Bagdrop will continue to develop and support their current products for all existing DSG Bagdrop customers. All DSG Bagdrop employees will remain located in Oslo, Norway.

11 November 2015 - Materna presents new self-service kiosk for baggage handling at airports
The new Merkur by Materna and eKiosk

Aviation specialist Materna has extended its range of products for automated passenger handling. Materna is now presenting the prototype of a new self service kiosk for automated baggage drop at airports. On the occasion of this year’s Aviation Forum from 10th to 11th November in Hamburg, Germany, Materna is presenting its new retrofit kiosk called Merkur for the first time. What’s so special about Merkur is that, although it is designed for unmanned baggage handling, the check-in desks where the Merkur is installed can still be used for normal staffed check-in service. The product launch is set for March 2016.


This self-service kiosk can be deployed flexibly and fits in conveniently with existing conveyor systems at airports. The system provides for the highest levels of security, is easy to operate and can be integrated in the infrastructure of baggage handling halls. Materna developed the kiosk together with their partner company eKiosk, a supplier of complete solutions in the field of info-terminals and kiosk systems. In addition to printers it also includes a scanning module which recognizes and checks any tags on the baggage.


Materna has been delivering solutions for automated passenger handling to airports and airlines for many years now. Their key focus is on self-service systems such as for check-in, boarding, baggage handling, secure access and payment. Over the years Materna has established an excellent reputation among its many customers which include Lufthansa, Germanwings, easyJet, Airberlin, Hamburg Airport, Vienna Airport, Gatwick Airport and Vilnius Airport. Other customers, such as Emirates airline and the airport operator dnata, are also to be found in Arab countries.

08 September 2015 - Leading German ICT company Materna opens U.S. office in Orlando, Florida
Materna over 30 years experience in aviation solutions for airlines and airports: see us at Future Travel Experience (FTE) in Las Vegas.


Leading European airlines and airports use the automated passenger handling systems and solutions from Materna Information & Communications. The Germany based company is now opening its own U.S. office in Orlando, Florida, from October 2015. Materna is now all set to market its well-established products and solutions for the aviation industry in the US market. For the first time, Materna will be showcasing its aviation products at the Future Travel Experience Global 2015 (FTE) from 9th to 11th September, 2015 in Las Vegas. In cooperation with its local partner Ultra Electronics Airport Systems, Materna is already delivering passenger handling systems for a large regional airport in California.


Materna is now transferring its already wide-spread solutions for check-in, self tagging, self-bag drop & payment solutions to the US market and is investing in this rapidly growing sector to attract even more aviation customers. Existing customers include Swedavia from Sweden, Lufthansa from Germany, Emirates from the Middle East as well as the airports London Gatwick, Vienna, Hamburg and Vilnius. “We look forward to entering the US market with our high value aviation solutions. Based on our order to install a large amount of check-in kiosks at the large regional airport in California we have already set a strong basis for our future development in the US market,” says Materna CEO Helmut Binder. Materna will offer its aviation solutions in combination with several partners’’.


Innovator for baggage handling
At FTE Global, Las Vegas, Materna will be focusing on presenting its latest generation of automatic “Common Use” baggage handling and self tagging solutions. Materna is regarded as one of the real innovators in this sector. Materna has implemented the current self-bag drop standard set by the trade association for the world’s airlines, IATA, and has also integrated components for cashless payments in common use environments. Materna’s solution offers passengers the opportunity to hand in their baggage all by themselves, irrespective of desk opening times. If baggage weight allowances are exceeded, Materna’s solution also calculates the excess baggage charge, which can then be paid directly on the spot. This new bag drop solution can be deployed by airport operators as a fully automatic system at unmanned kiosks or as a solution accompanied by staff for different airlines.

25 March, 2015 - Video - Passenger Terminal Expo : Airports of the future

Watch on a short video about our Self Bag Drop solutions!

03 Dezember 2014 - Check-in kiosks and SecureGate software for Vilnius Airport
Materna ips delivers self-service check-in kiosks and its SecureGate software to Vilnius Airport in Lithuania.


Materna ips delivers self-service check-in kiosks to Vilnius Airport in Lithuania. The machines, manufactured by eKiosk, will include the Materna CUSS-platform. Materna will install airline applications from Lufthansa, Wizzair, Air Lituanica, Corendon Airlines and others. Passengers flying with these airlines will be able to check-in easily and quickly by using the new kiosks.


Vilnius Airport will also be using the Materna SecureGate software in combination with DESKO scanners for authorizing entry to airside areas. The data on passengers´ boarding passes will be checked and compared to the aiport’s local database.


After Tallin Airport, Vilnius Airport is now the second airport in that region to use Materna solutions.

10 October 2014 - Materna ips responsible as general contractor
Hamburg Airport launches new self-service machines for check-in and baggage drop-off.


With 13.5 million passengers passing through every year, Hamburg Airport is the fifth largest in Germany. In order to meet the current and future challenges of passenger processing, Hamburg is relying on increasing capacity in the terminals and optimising use of the check-in area. As a general contractor, Materna GmbH based in Dortmund is now working with project managers from Hamburg and designers from EVANS Airport Solutions on a modern self bag-drop system which will allow passengers from airlines such as Lufthansa or Easyjet to hand over their luggages themselves quickly and easily, thus saving a great deal of time.


Hamburg Airport carried out an invitation to tender for the installation of the first self bag drop systems, which was won by IT specialists Materna from Dortmund. The brief from the airport was clear: they wanted a system which fitted in aesthetically with the design of the check-in area, was easy to use and met stringent security requirements. The existing conveyor systems were also to be used.


The system, which has been in use since September, uses a CUSS-based software application to provide a simple menu navigation system which considerably accelerates the bag drop process. Once passengers have checked in, they can identify themselves with their boarding card, which takes just a few presses of the touch screen. They place their cases on the conveyor belt where they are weighed. If everything is in order, the self-adhesive luggage label is automatically printed out and the passenger attaches it to their luggage. The whole process can be completed in just a few minutes. Frequent flyers who are used to self-service machines at the airport take less than a minute to check in their own luggage. This prevents long queues at the counter.


“This improves our service to our passengers by reducing waiting times, cutting distances and making getting around easier,” explains Thomas Lüders, Terminal Management Project Leader at Hamburg Airport. “The success of the Self Bag Drop Project is based on trusted cooperation with Materna. We developed and implemented a vision together. The focus was on short communications channels, fast response times and permanent on-site support from employees of the Dortmund-based system provider. We are now optimistic about approaching the second phase expansion of the self bag drop service,” continues Thomas Lüders.


The scope of this order means another major customer for Materna and another chance to build on its position as a leading provider of integrated passenger services in the German market.

11 August 2014 - Self Bag Drop trial at Cork Airport
Materna ips has successfully installed a trial version of its latest Self Bag Drop system at Cork Airport in Ireland.


The airport´s requirements included a new system which could connect to the DCS (departure control system) ASTRAL from Aerlingus. Thanks to its smooth integration into the existing conveyor system, Materna installed a state-of-the-art bag drop kiosk designed by EVANS Airport Solutions using the Materna CUSS application. As an additional benefit, and for safety reasons, the baggage is scanned while passing under a customized scanner bridge. All components use modern technology and fulfill the latest security standards.


Cork Airport is the international gateway to the south of Ireland and Ireland’s second busiest airport after Dublin Airport, which is also part of the daa Group of Irish state-owned airports. Cork Airport manages an average of 7,000 passengers per day, rising to 15,000 during the peak season, and up to 60 aircraft movements a day. An average of 2.4 million passengers use Cork Airport annually, flying to over 50 destinations across Europe.


15-17 march 2016, Passenger Terminal Expo, cologne

What is the Passenger Terminal Expo?
Around the world the Passenger Terminal Expo is considered to be the leading exhibition and conference for the aviation sector. The event presents the latest products, services and technologies for improving efficiency, security and the quality of the passenger experience at airports. The event attracts more than 3,500 visitors from at least 85 different countries every year.
Materna at the Passenger Terminal Expo
You will find Materna at the Passenger Terminal Expo on all three days at stand 6050.

As one of the most renowned suppliers for airports and airlines in the world, Materna delivers solutions for automatically processing passengers at airports with their Materna IPS (Integrated Passenger Services) brand. We are one of the innovators in this sector with our “common use” solutions for automatic baggage handling.

At the PTE we will be showcasing two of our new products:
MERKUR, our new Self Bag Drop Kiosk, is a compact retrofit solution providing airports with the opportunity to utilize their existing infrastructure. The MERKUR delivers everything a modern self bag drop system needs: scanning and print modules as well as a payment function for paying excess baggage charges directly at the machine.
For the first time visitors will also be able to try out our Cabin Luggage Check. This solution can be deployed at airports to identify hand luggage by testing its sizes and weight.
Visitors to the exhibition are very welcome to come and try out the new products at our stand

Thank you for a very successful Aviation event 2015

Materna’s Aviation Forum is the annual networking meeting in the airline and airport sector. This is where Materna, its partners and customers come together with European experts and discuss the latest solution approaches and present best practices.
After four successful years in our headquarters in Dortmund we moved the Aviation Forum to Hamburg for the first time this year. It was a great success.

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