baggage drop off

Bag Drop

Baggage Drop-Off in less than 30 seconds!

With our QUICK & EASY Bag Drop solutions we offer intelligent and state-of-the-art baggage handling to airlines, airports and ground handlers. You have the choice of different models depending on your existing infrastructure and your special needs:

Self Bag Drop
1- or 2-stop solutions
Attended counter Bag Drop

The main objective of our baggage handling solutions is to reduce the time needed for baggage check-in and to provide the most convenient service for passengers.

With our systems you gain highest modularity and flexibility.

- CUSS & IATA RP 1701 f compliant
- Multiple DCS support
- Integration into existing environment
- Easy to use-application
- RFID and Payment solutions

Easy to use passenger application for Self Bag Drop

Bag Drop Benefits

  • Handling of passenger groups
  • Excess baggage payment
  • CUSS & CUTE support
  • CUWS
  • Directly & home printed bag tags
  • separated claim tags
  • RFID tag support